About Cascade Technical Sales

Cascade Technical Sales is a leader in the technical solutions market with a proven track record of revenue growth and market penetration, pairing manufacturers' solutions with customer needs. With a leadership role in our served markets, Cascade's prominent footprint enables manufacturers to cover multiple regions through a single management point of contact, while maintaining staffing levels well beyond a manufacturer's individual ability.

Contact Us

Seattle Office:
15600 Redmond Way, Suite 300
Redmond, WA 98052
425-822-7299 / Fax 425-822-7479

Oregon Office:
4145 SW Watson Avenue, Suite 350
Beaverton, OR 97005 USA
503-645-9660 / Fax 425-822-7479

Vancouver, Canada Office:
10691 Shellbridge Way, Suite 130
Richmond, BC V6X 2W8
425-822-7299 / Fax 425-822-7479

Calgary, Canada Office
370, 5222-130th Avenue, S.E.
Suite 327
Calgary, AB CANADA T2Z 0G4
403-605-5553 / Fax 425-822-7479